Apple's Knitty Mama

11 July 2006


I'm so happy! I'm elated! I'm queen of the world! That's right, I found my Apple's pinafore. My DH and I have a disease...didn't-look-hard-enough-itis. And also disorganized-osis.

In other news, the family and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. Let me tell you, It was every bit as great as I thought it would be. Better, in fact because as much hype as there has been you'd think it might suck. It didn't. But now, I have to watch the first one again to check on some probable continuity issues, and then as you may guess I'll have to watch the new one again. Apple was good for most of the movie. DH took her out once to go to the wc, and twice more to run around. The show was at 11:30 am, which should've lined up nicely with her nap, but she napped early that day.


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